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Hey, Beauty Friend...

Maybe you just started your new beauty Instagram account and you're excited to begin your journey towards growing your following and influence. Or maybe you've been producing beauty content for a while now and you're ready to amp it up and take your brand to the next level. You may even be a beautyprenuer or freelancer who's ready to get serious about using social media to attract more clientle. Well, girl, wherever you fall on the "beauty lover" spectrum, I think it's pretty safe to assume that since you're on this page one of your ultimate goals is to be able to make money (or more money) from your beauty account... and that's fabulous! BUT, did you know that in order to really make a solid income from your social media there's a certain infrastructure and process you need to have in place first? Listen sis, I'm gonna keep it all the way 100 with you...

When it comes to building a profitable beauty business and making the type of coins that's going to truly set you free, it's going to take you building a strong brand presence online that's centered around a solid infrastructure so that you can develop MULTIPLE streams of income.

But, not in the way that you think...

You see, most people get it twisted when it comes to building a profitable beauty brand online.

They think it's about only posting their content to their Instagram or YouTube channel in an effort to get more followers and attract sponsorships and brand deals...

And while creating beauty content for big companies and collabing on brand deals is a great income source... the REAL "secret sauce" to making BIG BANK in the beauty industry is to build multiple streams of income around your existing core beauty talents and content.

And the best and quickest way for beauty enthusiasts like you to begin doing that is to launch a beauty blog.  

You see, a blog isn't just about sharing random thoughts about what you do daily, makeup looks, fashion lookbooks, or sharing cute selfies/pics of your work.

A blog is meant to be one of your main business tools and assets, that when used properly, has the ability to generate thousands of dollars in profits for your beauty biz + brand, OUTSIDE of (or in addition to) your services if you're an active freelancer... AND even BEFORE you're able to land your first brand deal if you're currently a smaller micro influencer.

But, here's the deal...

When it comes to building a profitable beauty blog, the process can be both overwhelming and confusing.

Which is why I created The Beauty Blog Launchpad..

Yes, You Can Launch Your Beauty Blog Platform In An Hour Or Less And Start Making Profits From Day One!

The Beauty Blog Launchpad is a mini e-course I designed to show you, step-by-step, how to set up and launch your blog in an hour or less AND get it immediately positioned to generate income so that you can start making more profits from your beauty business TODAY!

ENROLL TODAY FOR JUST $27 $17! (one time payment)

The Beauty Blog Launchpad Is Perfect For You If...

  • You want build a Full-time business and career as a beauty influencer/blogger so that you can leave your 9 to 5
  • You already have a beauty blog that's your hobby, but want transform it into a profitable online business
  • You're tired of your freelancing income fluctuating from month to month and want to generate consistent and stable profits
  • You want to consistently bring in more new clientle as a freelancer
  • You want to increase your existing client loyalty and retention
  • You want to have more time to spend with friends and family and not feel guilty about always having hustle to do freelance work to make ends meet
  • You want to set yourself apart from your competition and be the go to beauty expert/influencer in your niche

Listen sis, blogging isn't just a hobby...

Blogging is BIG business! Seriously...

It allows you to build a business and generate additional income streams around what you already love doing.

AND it gives you a stable, home-base online that you OWN.

And when you own a blog, that means you have an ASSET.

An asset that you can then monetize however you want to without being under the limitations of trading your time for money. OR being at the mercy of constantly changing social media algorithms and restrictions.

Plus, a blog is like having your own virtual heardquarters... It's what enables you to actually have a singular place to house ALL of your beauty income streams and develop yourself as a known beauty brand authority in your niche!

But Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Meet Nicole...

Nicole is a wife, mom of 2, and a serial entrepreneur. She's been running her own online business for over 10 years now and only two years ago, she began to seriously incorporate blogging into her business model. And because of her commitment and dedication to diversifying her income streams she's already earning over $15K per month from her blog!

And Within Just 1 Hour From Now, You Can Have Your Blog Set Up To Earn 5-Figures Per Month Too!

Here's What The Beauty Blog Launchpad Includes...

  • A video overview on how to best leverage your beauty blog to bring in maximum exposure and income
  • Detailed, step-by-step, video tutorials that walk you through how to properly set up your beauty blog for optimal performance and profits
  • Detailed tutorial on how create a simple blog design and customize it to your personal brand
  • How to find and sign up for Big Brand Beauty Affiliate Programs so you're positioned to start making immediate profits from day one
  • An overview video on how to write hot beauty product review blog posts that go viral on social media
  • Access to our Beauty Into Bank Facebook group where you can ask questions, attend additional trainings, engage with other beauty bosses, and get support with setting up your blog
  • The next steps you need to take to map out a full profitable business plan for your blog and how to execute it to build a massive beauty biz empire and brand

Imagine how it would feel to finally make a full-time income from your beauty passion and talents, being totally FREE to thrive within an industry that you truly love!

With a beauty blog, your income can be completely 100% independent from your current job, as well as from the amount of beauty clients, YouTube views, or sponsors you get from month to month...

And that means, that you'll be EMPOWERED with OPTIONS!

And when you have options, you have FREEDOM.

  • Freedom to create beauty content that's innovative and uniquely branded to your individual personality and be well compensated for it.
  • Freedom to CHOOSE who you want to take on as new clients if you're a freelancer, instead of feeling pressured to book your calendar with "haggling clients" you know aren't a good fit for you
  • Freedom to say NO to taking on new "penny pinching" clients or low paying sponsorships because you're no longer strapped for cash or completely dependent on them to supplement your income
  • Freedom to go out with friends, spend time with family or your Bae, without feeling anxious about missing out on freelance money
  • Freedom to spend time further developing your talent and passion as a beauty ethusiast/influencer so that you can up-level your skill set, increase your following, increase your brand value, AND increase your rates!

Like Patricia...

Meet Patricia Bright

You may already know of the beautiful Patricia Bright. She's built a successful, multi 6-figure beauty empire and brand from leveraging the power of blogging and vlogging on YouTube. She's developed multiple streams of income for herself and recently launched a successful hair company. She's free to enjoy spending time with her family, while building a business she loves and sharing content she's truly passionate about.

 Launching Your Own Branded Beauty Blog Will Get You One Step Closer To Fulfilling Your Dreams...

By The End Of The Beauty Blog Launchpad Mini E-Course, You'll...

  • Have your beauty blog completely set up and customized with a simple brand theme and banner in a hour or LESS
  • Be signed up and partnered with several beauty affiliate programs so that you're ready to start making immediate profits TODAY
  • Have written and published your first affiliate product review blog post
  • Know the exact next steps you need to take to map out your full blog + business profit plan so that you can quickly begin building your beauty biz income and brand into a full-time income

Ready To Turn Your Beauty Passion Into Bank With A Blog?

Enroll today for just $27 $17! (one time payment)



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